Dare to believe in your ideas

MindBook is not an idea notebook, a daily journal, a project plan, a braistorming notebook or a daily planner.

MindBook is a philosophy, a challenge, a tool for progression, a tool for transgression: not for everyone.

MindBook is 222 pages of absence of comfort, absence of a quiet life, absence of compromise.

MindBook is the echo of our destiny, which we write in full awareness, in full decision, in full action.

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Give thanks for your failures

Comfort your doubts

Welcome uncertainty

Recognize the gifts

Value every experience

Listen to your intuitions

Challenge reality

See your truths

Accept that you're right without reason

Open your eyes to your hidden powers

Believe in yourself when no one else does

Dare to believe in your ideas

Ask the right questions

Order your thoughts

Critique your doubts

Plan a strategy

Change the direction of the present

Keep on the fight


Be happy